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A growing amount of completely disorganised pictures, video, notes and other material sitting on the various systems that I have access to has prompted me to finally create my own website. That and almost everyone else I know already has one!

This site has been needing a bit of TLC for ages now. Over the next wee while I'll be rewriting the gallery section, adding lots of new images and videos - hopefully with a BitTorrent facility for video download which should help overcome the limitations of my upload capacity.

Eventually this site should end up being how I said it would be in the first paragaph ;o)


2nd November 2008 @ 6:01PM
Photos from the Anglesey track day in the Caterham are in the gallery.
1st May 2008 @ 1:39PM
Too many pictures! I've renamed the galleries section to photos and started seperating the images out into seperate albums.
28th July 2006 @ 3:41AM
Fixed the gallery scripts so they actually work properly, there are a whole bunch of new pictures in now that didn't work before. The scripts still need a bit of work, like not making fullsize images bigger than the originals (mainly in the case of stills from video) and figuring out which images are portrait and which are landscape.
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