Locost build costs


Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
22nd December 2005HalfordsBuild your own sports car for as little as £250 and race it!£17.99
21st July 2006eBayFord Escort '75 to '80 Owners Workshop Manual£3.82
21st July 2006eBayRebuilding and Tuning Ford's Kent Crossflow Engine£18.54
Sub Total:£40.35

Donor Vehicle

Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
11th July 2006eBayFord Escort 1300GL WLB 987S£700.00
Sub Total:£700.00

Tools and Equipment

Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
29th July 2006Machine MartClarke CFC500F 1/2 Tonne Folding Workshop Crane£152.69
29th July 2006Machine MartClarke CES500A Engine Stand£32.84
29th July 2006Machine MartClarke CTJ2ZA 2 Tonne Trolley Jack & Stands£26.97
29th July 2006Machine MartClarke CTJ2ZA 2 Tonne Trolley Jack & Stands£26.97
12th August 2006HalfordsInternal Circlip Pliers£7.99
13th August 2006HalfordsBalljoint Seperator (Scissor Type)£16.49
25th October 2006Machine MartWelding Clamps 'C' Type£9.98
25th October 2006Machine MartRed Welding Guantlets£3.16
25th October 2006Machine MartMagnetic Weld Clamp Set£13.00
24th February 2008Halfords3/8" to 1/2" Socket Adapter£3.49
25th October 2006Machine MartMIG160EN Turbo Dual Purpose MIG Welder£189.99
25th October 2006Machine Mart14" Abrasive Cut Off Saw£84.99
18th November 2006Machine MartMagnetic Square with Switch£11.73
18th November 2006Machine MartWelding Clamps Mixed Set£9.39
17th November 2006eBayAuto darkening solar powered welding mask (orange)£43.90
27th December 2006Machine MartClarke CS4-6C 4" Belt & 6" Disc Sander£69.90
27th December 2006Machine MartClarke Heavy Duty 300mm Carpenters Square£4.69
26th December 2006B&Q1m Aluminium Ruler£4.98
26th December 2006B&QStanley 6" Adjustable Quick Square£9.98
31st January 2007Homebase75mm G Clamp£5.49
31st January 2007Homebase75mm G Clamp£5.49
31st January 2007Homebase100mm G Clamp£7.49
31st January 2007Homebase100mm G Clamp£7.49
3rd February 2007Machine MartClarke 11 Piece Metal File Set£10.56
20th May 2007Homebase100mm G Clamp£6.49
20th May 2007Homebase75mm G Clamp£5.49
20th May 2007Homebase75mm G Clamp£5.49
26th May 2007HalfordsEnd Wire Brush Drill Attachment£4.49
30th June 2007Halfords1/2" drive 38mm Socket£7.49
30th June 2007Halfords1/2" drive 30mm Socket£4.99
30th June 2007Machine MartClarke 8 Piece Short Drive/Pin Punch Set£7.04
3rd July 2007Machine Mart10 Piece Slide Hammer/Puller Set£46.98
3rd July 2007Machine Mart80mm Twist Knot Wire Cup Brush£4.69
7th July 2007Screwfix DirectTitan HSS 29 Piece Drill Bit Set£14.99
7th July 2007Machine MartClarke 8 Piece Blacksmiths Drill Bit Set (Metric)£23.48
10th July 2007Screwfix Direct10x 4mm Titan HSS Jobber Drill Bits£2.09
16th July 2007Halfords1/2" drive 27mm Socket£4.49
18th September 2007HomebasePowerbase Xtreme 650W Corded Drill£23.99
13th July 2008Screwfix DirectAuto Centre Punch£2.99
23rd September 2007Halfords2x 1" Paint Brush£3.98
23rd September 2007HalfordsEar Plugs£1.99
21st October 2007Halfords6mm 3/8" Drive Hex Bit Socket£2.79
3rd November 2007HalfordsTorx Head Socket Set£14.99
24th February 2008HalfordsHex Bit Socket Set (4, 5, 6 ,8, 10 & 12mm)£19.99
28th October 2007Machine MartClarke CHT204 3/8" Drive Reversible Torque Wrench£13.99
28th October 2007Machine MartClarke CM265 300mm Vernier Caliper Digital£29.99
11th November 2007HomebaseMetric Drill Bit Set£22.99
11th November 2007Homebase12mm Metal Drill Bit£10.99
17th December 2007Pentland Component Parts LtdBrake Pipe Flaring/Cutting Tool Kit£25.36
12th April 2008HalfordsGunson Advance Timing Light£39.99
8th May 2008HomebaseCoping Saw£10.99
28th January 2009Frost Auto RestorationPry Bar Set£15.17
28th January 2009Frost Auto RestorationWire Feed Tool£3.91
Sub Total:£1141.95

Sale of items not required

Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
3rd August 2006DVLARoad tax refund for WLB 987S£-45.83
7th August 2006eBayEscort rear silencer£-9.48
11th August 2006eBayEscort 1600/Ghia dashboard£-5.54
21st August 2006eBayEscort mechanical engine cooling fan£-6.53
21st August 2006eBayEscort propshaft£-9.80
21st August 2006eBayEscort rear lamps£-31.06
21st August 2006eBayEscort head lamps£-5.76
18th November 2006eBayEscort shell/leftovers£-133.25
Sub Total:£-247.25


Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
11th August 2006Homebase4x M10x100mm Hex Head Bolts, Washers and Nuts (Engine Block to Engine Stand)£3.98
13th July 2008Screwfix Direct100x M6 Large Flat Washers£2.47
13th July 2008Screwfix Direct50x M6 x 20mm High Tensile Set Screw£2.10
15th July 2008Screwfix Direct50x M8 x 45mm High Tensile Bolt£3.70
12th August 2007Namrick4x 4.5" long 7/16" UNF High Tensile Bolts (Upper Trailing Arms and Lower Shock Absorbers to Rear Axle)£12.80
27th August 2007Namrick4x High Tensile M12 x 30mm 1.5mm Pitch Set Screws (Type 9 Bellhousing to Gearbox)£3.16
19th March 2008Namrick1/4" UNC x 1/2" High Tensile Set Screw (Distributor to Crossflow Engine)£0.13
19th October 2007Studbolt (Scotland)4x High Tensile M10 x 40mm Set Screws (Type 9 Bellhousing to Crossflow Engine)£0.84
19th October 2007Studbolt (Scotland)3x High Tensile M10 x 40mm Set Screws (Starter Motor to Type 9 Bellhousing)£0.63
27th October 2007Homebase10x M8x25mm Repair Washers£1.49
15th July 2008Screwfix Direct50x M8 x 50mm High Tensile Set Screw£2.23
15th July 2008Screwfix Direct100x M8 Large Flat Washers£3.30
11th November 2007Homebase8 of M8 x 50mm Hex Head Set Screws, Washers & Nuts (Gearbox Mount to Chassis)£1.99
24th November 2007Homebase8 of M8 x 25mm Hex Head Set Screws, Washers & Nuts (Steering Column Extension)£1.99
19th March 2008Namrick2x 3/8" UNC x 1 1/4" High Tensile Set Screws (Type 9 Bellhousing to Crossflow Engine)£0.88
12th April 2008HomebaseM5 Slot Head Set Screws, Washers and Nuts (Starter Solenoid to Chassis)£1.49
15th July 2008Screwfix Direct50x M8 x 50mm High Tensile Bolt£4.69
2nd April 2008B&Q2x M10x40mm Hex Head Bolts (Steering Column to Support)£1.64
3rd April 2008HomebaseM10 x 25mm Repair Washers (Steering Column to Support)£1.49
27th May 2008Screwfix DirectPack 1000 4 x 16mm Grippa Dome Head Sealed Rivets£33.50
15th July 2008Burton Power6x 5/16" UNF Extra Wide Brass Nuts (Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head)£2.26
22nd July 2008Rally Design4x 11-16mm Stainless Hose Clip£5.12
2nd August 2008Screwfix Direct100x M5 Nylon Lock Nuts£1.80
2nd August 2008Screwfix DirectAssorted Compression Spring Pack£6.99
2nd August 2008Screwfix Direct100x M5 Washers£0.46
2nd August 2008Screwfix Direct200x Assorted Springs£5.99
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions16x 11-13mm Fuel Hose Clips£11.50
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions16x 9-11mm Fuel Hose Clips£11.50
2nd October 2008Car Builder Solutions10x 5/16" UNF Plain Nuts (Master Cylinder Push Rods)£2.94
2nd March 2009Rally Design4x Slide Latches with Buttons (Boot Panel )£11.27
Sub Total:£144.33

Parts and Components

Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
15th July 2008Burton PowerCrossflow Oil Filler Cap with Breather Take-Off£5.29
5th November 2006Sports Car Breakers2x 13" Ford Fiesta mk3 steel wheels with tyres and nuts£30.00
18th December 2006Vehicle Wiring ProductsGrayston GE343 Starter Panel£44.87
18th December 2006eBayFIA Battery Master Cut Off Switch£19.98
15th February 2008FordType 9 Rubber Clutch Cable Cover (Part No: 1659105)£7.36
24th February 2008Halfords4x NGK BPR6E Spark Plugs£11.99
25th June 2007GTS Tuning7pc Bodywork Set (Orange/Black)£470.00
26th March 2007eBayFord Cortina Uprights, Disks, Calipers, Hubs & Stub Axles£97.00
28th March 2007eBayWeber Twin Choke Carburettor & Inlet Manifold£37.95
26th April 2007TMC MotorsportExchange Shallow Baffled Sump£50.00
26th April 2007TMC MotorsportPair of Front Wing Stays£30.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdLocost Book Rear Axle Brackets£12.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdLocost Book Front Wishbones£140.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdLocost Book Trailing Arms, Panhard Rod & Bush Set£65.00
27th April 2007MNR Ltd1x Rod End Adaptor (Panhard Rod Rose Joint)£10.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdEscort Steering Rack Mounting Kit£33.00
27th April 2007MNR Ltd7/16" UNF Chassis Mounting Kit£26.00
27th April 2007MNR Ltd2x Ford Transit Drag Links£24.00
27th April 2007MNR Ltd2x Maxi Bottom Balljoints£33.00
27th April 2007MNR Ltd2x Cortina Front Wheel Bearings£35.00
25th March 2008eBay (Sierra Shack)Ford Sierra mk1 Non-adjustable Steering Column with Ignition, Key, Cowl, Stalks & Wiring£114.99
27th April 2007MNR LtdRear Round Tubes w/ 90deg bends£95.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdWishbone bushes & inserts£24.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdPanhard Rod End£6.00
30th November 2009Rally DesignFord Escort mk2 Quick (2.4) Steering Rack£107.52
25th June 2007GTS TuningSteering Downlink£47.00
30th November 2009Rally Design2x Ford Escort mk2 RS2000 Track Rod Ends£22.32
30th November 2009Rally Design2x Ford Escort mk2 Track Rod Locknuts£1.76
29th March 2010Advanced RadiatorsVW Polo 1.0 mk2 (83-90) Radiator (Part No: VW302)£30.70
2nd July 2006Bigg RedPolymer Coated Exchange Cortina Calipers£121.14
17th December 2007Pentland Component Parts Ltd10x M10 Male Brake Pipe Union£3.76
3rd July 2007Machine Mart555 Piece Assorted Cotter Pins£8.21
5th July 2007CasarvaCrossflow Engine Mounts & Rubbers (QH part: EM670)£55.00
24th February 2008HalfordsAlternator Drive Belt (Part No: HB800a)£3.49
6th July 2007Bigg RedCortina Brake Pad Pins, Shims & R Clips£6.29
17th July 2007eBay2x Rear Wheel Cylinders£14.00
18th July 2007eBay4.4 Ratio English Axle Diff£151.75
19th July 2007eBay4.1 Ratio English Axle Diff£140.00
19th July 2007Pollock Precision EngineeringShock Absorber Spacers & 32mm Steel Strips£20.00
5th July 2007CE Motorsport2x AVO PA 120/085 Twin Tube Shock Absorbers£152.75
5th July 2007CE Motorsport2x AVO PA 130/090 Twin Tube Shock Absorbers£152.75
5th July 2007CE Motorsport2x AVO 8" 400lb 1.9" Springs£52.64
5th July 2007CE Motorsport2x AVO 9" 150lb 1.9" Springs£49.35
19th July 2007Westfield SportscarsCortina Hub Brake Disc Locktabs, Hub Nuts, Washers & Grease Caps£13.15
21st July 2007MNR Ltd4x 7/16" Suspension Brackets£4.00
21st July 2007MNR Ltd1x 90deg bend in 16swg 19mm Mild Steel Round Tube£2.00
21st July 2007MNR Ltd2x 3.5" 7/16" Suspension Bolts & Locknuts£1.00
21st July 2007MNR LtdFloor Mounted Pedal Box Kit (inc reservoirs, master cylinders, balance bar etc)£255.00
21st July 2007MNR LtdHydraulic Brake Light Switch£9.00
8th August 2007Bestek Ignition SystemsElectronic Ignition Kit (108) for Crossflow Engine£130.00
8th August 2007MNR Ltd4x SVA bonnet catches£22.00
8th August 2007MNR Ltd3 way brake pipe union£11.00
8th August 2007MNR Ltd4 way brake pipe union£11.00
8th August 2007MNR LtdSierra Steering Column Lower Bush Kit£4.70
8th August 2007MNR LtdLocost Rear Axle Brackets£13.00
8th August 2007MNR Ltd6x 7/16" Suspension Brackets, Nuts, Bolts & Washers£18.30
10th August 2007eBay (escort-tec)Type 9 Bellhousing, Clutch Fork & Bolts£45.00
10th August 2007Burton PowerLuk Escort mk2 Standard Clutch Kit£68.14
23rd August 2007eBay (Chris-Astley-Motorsport)Quaife Ford Sierra Type 9 5 Speed Quick Shift Gear Lever£91.75
10th August 2007Burton Power2x English Axle Rear Wheel Bearings£43.88
17th December 2007Pentland Component Parts Ltd25ft 3/16" Copper Brake Pipe£9.89
14th August 2007Simon WoodStuart Taylor Exhaust System£17.19
21st August 2007Pistons & ComponentsSet of Ford Crossflow 1300 +.090" Pistons & Rings£246.75
23rd August 2007eBay (Autoparts-Surplus)Sierra Clutch Kit 23 spline 215mm Diameter£31.95
23rd September 2007HalfordsEscort mk2 Rear Brake Shoe Fitting Kit£10.88
23rd October 2007MNR4x 7/16" Threaded Bosses£16.00
23rd October 2007MNR8x 7/16" Seatbelt Eyes£16.00
23rd October 2007MNR2x 5 3/4" Black Headlamps£98.00
23rd October 2007MNRHeadlamp Mounting Bar£20.00
23rd October 2007MNRRear Number Plate Lamp£15.00
23rd October 2007MNRRace Mirror Set£55.00
23rd October 2007MNRTemperature Sender & Fan Kit for Polo Radiator£55.00
24th February 2008Halfords24" Negative Battery Cable£4.49
18th February 2008Neil McKeanAMB TranX 260 Race Transponder£120.00
26th February 2008Rally Design2.25 Litre Plumbed in Fire Extinguisher System£89.30
26th February 2008Rally DesignCooling Fan Through Radiator Mounting Kit£8.99
26th February 2008Rally Design2 Litre Alloy Oil Catch Tank£41.13
26th February 2008Rally DesignRed Top 15 Race Battery£89.66
24th February 2008Halfords18" Braided Earth Cable£5.79
25th November 2007TMC MotorsportSecond Hand Sierra 2.0 Type 9 5 Speed Gearbox£50.00
17th December 2007Pentland Component Parts Ltd2x M10 Female Brake Pipe Union£1.03
12th December 2007Procomp MotorsportCustom Propshaft (Type 9 to Intermediate English Diff)£125.00
16th December 2007TMC MotorsportRoll Cage£400.00
26th February 2008Rally DesignFacet Fast Road Solid State Fuel Pump£35.25
26th February 2008Rally Design1/8" NPT to 8mm pipe Straight Fuel Union£2.82
26th February 2008Rally Design1/8" NPT to 8mm pipe Straight Fuel Union with Filter£4.94
26th February 2008Rally DesignFuel Pump Mount Kit£5.29
28th February 2008Rally DesignFilter King Fuel Pressure Filter Regulator (85mm bowl)£27.85
26th February 2008Rally Design6m x 8mm ID Rubber Fuel Hose£16.14
26th February 2008Rally Design10x 12-14mm Fuel Hose Clips£3.17
26th February 2008Rally DesignFuel Pressure Guage£13.51
26th February 2008Rally DesignCrossflow Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set£3.95
26th February 2008Rally Design16x M12x1.5 60deg Washer "Ghia" Wheel Nuts£24.06
26th February 2008Rally Design3x 18" Round Race Number Backgrounds£5.04
26th February 2008Rally Design2x 3' x 1.5-2.5" Orange Roll Cage Padding£11.75
26th February 2008Rally Design20x 5mm P Clips (Brake Lines)£2.59
26th February 2008Rally Design20x 15mm P Clips (Fuel Line)£4.58
9th April 2008Rally Design6m x 10mm ID Rubber Fuel Hose£3.00
9th April 2008Rally Design10x 12-14mm Fuel Hose Clips£3.17
9th April 2008Car Builder Solutions10mm Aluminium Non-return Valve (For Fuel Tank Breather)£9.40
9th April 2008Car Builder Solutions10mm to 8mm Brass Reducing Hose Joiner£7.05
9th April 2008Car Builder Solutions600x600mm Flattened Expanded Aluminium Mesh£23.50
9th April 2008Car Builder SolutionsPair Clear Land Rover 70mm Indicators, Bulbs and Wiring£14.10
19th March 2008Car Builder Solutions1.5m x 32mm ID Green Stripe Flexible (Smooth Bore) Coolant Hose£65.80
19th March 2008Car Builder SolutionsIn-line 32mm Aluminium 1/8" NPT Temperature Sender Housing£23.50
19th March 2008Car Builder Solutions6x 35-50mm Stainless Steel Hose Clips£14.10
10th March 2008Rally DesignMountney Steering Wheel Boss for Sierra Steering Column£34.66
10th March 2008Rally Design40x 5mm P Clips (Brake Lines)£5.17
12th April 2008HalfordsElectric Crimp Terminals Mixed Set£6.99
12th April 2008Halfords17amp Black Cable£3.49
12th April 2008Halfords17amp Black Cable£3.49
12th April 2008HalfordsBullet Connectors (Male)£1.39
12th April 2008HalfordsBullet Connectors (Female)£1.39
12th April 2008HalfordsRing Connectors£1.49
12th April 2008B&Q1m of 8mm ID clear plastic tube (Fuel Tank Sight Guage)£0.25
10th April 2008Polleysport4x 185/60R13 Yokohama A539 Buffed to 4mm£207.75
14th April 2008In Stock Direct1/8" NPTF Plug (Block Temperature Sender in Crossflow Head)£5.34
18th April 2008Alloy Racing FabricationsCustom Alloy Horizontal Header Tank with 8mm Feed/6mm breather£91.50
27th May 2008SVCPair AS117 Round Stop/Tail/Indicator Rear Lamps£40.00
27th May 2008SVC2x 8 Blade Fuse Holders£27.00
11th July 2008Redline Components LtdCaterham Crossflow Alloy Rocker Cover£52.21
12th July 2008MAC#1 Motorsports3m Black Rear Wing Piping£7.15
12th July 2008MAC#1 Motorsports5m x 25mm x 3mm Self Adhesive Foam Tape£9.75
18th July 2008eBay (Robell Motor Spares)2x BC805 Allegro 73-82 Rear Handbrake Cables£14.98
18th July 2008eBayQCC1010 Cortina Mk3/4 1600/2000 OHC Clutch Cable£7.98
21st July 2008Fast Road Cars2x Throttle Cable Adjusters£2.50
21st July 2008Fast Road Cars1m Blue Throttle Linkage Cable£3.80
22nd July 2008Rally Design1m Brake Fluid Reservoir Push Fit Hose£4.50
22nd July 2008Rally Design2x 7/16" Push Fit Union for Brake Master Cylinder£9.00
22nd July 2008Rally Design2x Safety Side Spacer (Brake Balance Bar)£7.60
19th December 2008Merlin MotorsportMSA/FIA Approved LED Rain Light£49.97
12th August 2008Rally Design1/2" BSP 90deg Push-Fit Union (Oil Catch Tank)£5.33
29th December 2008Halfords2x 60mm Exhaust Clamps (Towing Eyes)£2.98
12th August 2008Rally Design1/2" BSP Straight Push-Fit Union (Oil Catch Tank)£1.72
12th August 2008Rally DesignBreather Filter (Oil Catch Tank)£5.88
29th May 2008eBay (Road Race Rally)Red Top 15 Battery Bracket£33.49
4th September 2008ETB InsutrumentsDigiDash 2 Pro+ Display/DataLogger System (inc GPS, thread adapters & dip type fuel level sensor)£1048.66
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions2m Door Seal£8.05
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions1m Rubber U channel£2.30
12th February 2009Car Builder SolutionsHeavy Duty On-Off Switch£4.60
12th February 2009Car Builder SolutionsLeather Gear Gaiter£20.70
12th February 2009Car Builder SolutionsLeather Handbrake Gaiter£13.80
12th February 2009Procomp Motorsport2x TRS Magnum Ultralite Harnesses£392.00
2nd October 2008Car Builder Solutions2x Oval Amber Front Indicators on Rubber Stalks£16.45
2nd October 2008Car Builder SolutionsDouble Pole On-Off Switch (Hazard Lights)£4.70
4th March 2009CaterhamPerspex Aeroscreen£72.74
28th January 2009Frost Auto Restoration3m of 13mm Split Tube£4.40
28th January 2009Demon Tweeks16x 12x1.5mm Ford 1" Longer Wheel Stud£32.38
28th January 2009Demon Tweeks4x 1" Universal 4 Hole Wheel Spacer£27.37
28th January 2009Demon TweeksLongacre 14" Mirror Kit with Brackets£52.97
Sub Total:£7507.26


Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
21st December 2006Brown & Glegg2500 x 1250 x 1.6mm Mild Steel Sheet£39.39
21st December 2006Brown & Glegg7 of 6.1m x 25mm x 25mm 16swg Mild Steel RHS£60.88
21st December 2006Lawsons Timber2440 x 1220 x 18mm Blockboard£30.28
21st December 2006Pollock Precision Engineering19mm 16swg Mild Steel Round Tube - Thanks Stu!£0.00
27th January 2007HomebaseLoft Flooring Screws£4.99
27th January 2007Homebase6 of 25 x 50 x 1800mm Timber£8.99
31st January 2007Homebase850 x 585 x 13mm Timberboard£16.89
17th February 2007The Metal Centre2m x 19mm x 19mm 16swg Mild Steel RHS£4.94
17th February 2007The Metal Centre3mm Steel Plate Offcut£1.17
21st February 2007The Metal Centre3 of 305 x 100 x 3mm Steel Plate£10.00
9th March 2007Brown & Glegg2 of 6.1m x 19mm x 19mm 16swg Mild Steel RHS£20.07
10th July 2007Brown & Glegg2500 x 1250 x 1.2mm Mild Steel Sheet£28.95
10th July 2007Screwfix Direct5000 of 4mm x 8mm Blind Rivets£29.22
4th October 2007Homebase4 of 1m x 25mm x 25mm 16swg Mild Steel RHS£21.00
11th November 2007Homebase1m of 30 x 30 x 3mm Angle Iron£4.99
11th November 2007Homebase1m of 25 x 25 x 3mm Angle Iron£4.29
21st November 2007Lothian Steel Stockholders6m x 30mm x 3mm Mild Steel Flat Bar£6.00
21st November 2007Lothian Steel Stockholders6m x 25mm x 3mm Mild Steel Flat Bar£4.00
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions2 of 1ft x 2ft x 1.2mm Aluminium Sheet£20.70
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions2 of 2ft x 4ft x 1.2mm Aluminium Sheet£82.80
12th February 2009Car Builder Solutions1 of 1ft x 1ft x 1.2mm Aluminium Sheet£5.18
Sub Total:£404.73


Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
20th December 2006Arnold ClarkTransit Van Hire£50.00
27th April 2007MNR LtdDelivery for Order£30.00
27th April 2007TMC MotorsportDelivery for Order£20.00
10th July 2007Brown & GleggDelivery for Order£16.45
10th July 2007Frost Auto RestorationDelivery for Order£7.50
6th August 2007Procomp Motorsport4.4 Diff rebuild & pinion flange replacement£198.80
18th September 2007InterparcelCourier Collection - Crossflow Engine Block from TMC Motorsport£24.55
18th September 2007Edinburgh Sports CarsChanging half shaft bearings£58.75
19th March 2008NamrickDelivery for Order£2.48
9th April 2008Rally DesignDelivery for Order£7.05
25th November 2007TMC Motorsport750mc Racing Spec 1300 Crossflow Engine Prep£1400.00
23rd October 2007MNRDelivery for Order£15.00
26th February 2008Rally DesignDelivery for Order£9.99
9th April 2008Car Builder SolutionsDelivery for Order£7.05
12th July 2008MAC#1 MotorsportsDelivery for Order£4.50
21st July 2008Fast Road CarsDelivery for Order£3.17
12th August 2008Delivery for OrderDelivery for Order£5.58
18th January 2008Frost Auto RestorationDelivery for Order£7.51
2nd October 2008Car Builder SolutionsDelivery for Order£7.05
4th March 2009CaterhamDelivery for Order£12.65
28th January 2009Frost Auto RestorationDelivery for Order£7.50
28th January 2009Demon TweeksDelivery for Order£9.49
Sub Total:£1905.07


Purchase DateSourceDescriptionCost
25th October 2006Machine Mart5kg 0.8mm Mild Steel MIG Welding Wire£8.99
25th October 2006Machine MartCO2/Argon Mix Disposable Gas Cylinder£6.59
3rd February 2007Machine Mart5x 14" Metal Cutting Discs£16.98
3rd February 2007Machine Mart5x 6" Coarse Sanding Discs£3.51
29th May 2007HalfordsCastrol LM Grease£5.99
16th April 2007Halfords2x 115mm Metal Grinding Discs£3.49
13th July 2008Screwfix Direct5x 8mm Titanium HSS Drill Bit£6.49
26th May 2007HalfordsHammerite Smooth Black Spraypaint£7.49
28th May 2007Machine Mart2x 4.5" Plasma Cutting Disc£1.62
13th July 2008Screwfix Direct5x 6mm Titanium HSS Drill Bit£3.99
3rd July 2007Machine Mart5x 4.5" Plasma Cutting Disc£3.82
3rd July 2007Machine Mart5x 4.5" Metal Grinding Disc£4.11
10th July 2007eBay (OWEN-YOURSMILING)4x 310ml Tubes of Sikaflex 221 PU Adhesive Sealant£29.60
10th July 2007Frost Auto Restoration2x 590ml POR-15 Metal Ready Spray Bottles£22.00
10th July 2007Frost Auto Restoration2x POR-15 Chassis Painting Kits (3x 118ml Black Rust Preventative Paint & 3x 118ml Chassis Coat Black per kit)£57.99
19th July 2007BOC2x Argoshield Gas Refills£70.00
18th September 2007Machine Mart5x 4.5" Plasma Cutting Disc£3.82
20th October 2007Halfords2x 1L Castrol Differential EPX 80W-90 Gear Oil£17.98
20th October 2007Halfords2x 1L Castrol Manual EP 80W-90 Gear Oil£15.98
28th October 2007Machine Mart16x 4.5" Plasma Cutting Disc£8.27
28th October 2007Machine MartClarke™ Hobby Mig Tip 0.8mm Pk5£2.49
28th October 2007Machine MartClarke™ 0.8mm Welding Wire 5kg£8.99
12th December 2007Procomp Motorsport5l Valvoline VR1 Racing 20w50 Engine Oil£18.00
3rd April 2008Euro Car Parts1 Litre ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid£12.90
8th May 2008HomebaseCoping Saw Blades£4.49
2nd August 2008Screwfix Direct9x 25mm Paintbrushes£4.95
18th January 2008Frost Auto Restoration1 Gallon Metal Ready£25.50
18th January 2008Frost Auto Restoration1x POR-15 Chassis Painting Kit (3x 118ml Black Rust Preventative Paint & 3x 118ml Chassis Coat Black per kit)£29.00
21st July 2008Screwfix Direct3x 115mm 40 Grit Zirconium Flap Wheels£7.98
Sub Total:£413.01
Grand Total:£12009.45