Archived News

2nd November 2008 @ 6:01PM
Photos from the Anglesey track day in the Caterham are in the gallery.

1st May 2008 @ 1:39PM
Too many pictures! I've renamed the galleries section to photos and started seperating the images out into seperate albums.

28th July 2006 @ 3:41AM
Fixed the gallery scripts so they actually work properly, there are a whole bunch of new pictures in now that didn't work before. The scripts still need a bit of work, like not making fullsize images bigger than the originals (mainly in the case of stills from video) and figuring out which images are portrait and which are landscape.

20th September 2005 @ 2:01AM
Some whizzo network tools added in the newly created tools section. I keep using other people's so thought I'd create my own: "dig" for forward/reverse DNS queries, "whois" for domain name/IP address lookups and "whoami" to tell you your current IP and hostname.

18th September 2005 @ 3:30AM
Cool new site layout, I got bored with the black background.

10th August 2005 @ 5:26PM
Added a Caching DNS server setup guide to the FreeBSD howtos section.

6th August 2005 @ 1:53AM
Added a Software RAID1 on gmirror guide to the FreeBSD howtos section.

1st June 2005 @ 3:05AM
The Bulldog ADSL line appears to be stable now, so I have moved the site onto this line instead. This line has a 512Kbps upload speed - which means twice the bandwidth for you visitors :o)

7th May 2005 @ 10:23PM
Added news and FreeBSD howto sections including a howto on Apache/MySQL/PHP/phpMyAdmin installation.

28th September 2004 @ 2:55AM
Resized all images in galleries so they can actually be seen, I'll add a link to "actual" size images later. I've also bought a copy of the de-watermarked Knockhill images from the track day on the 19th July 2004 from Tom Russell after seeing them on his website.

18th September 2004 @ 9:29PM
Added videos page and some more images.

17th September 2004 @ 10:14PM
Now that the server is up and working, I have written a dodgy gallery script and am in the process of loading as much of my image collection that I might like the world to see.